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Gathering Historical Winegrape Variety Information and Looking to the Future

To my knowledge, no one has attempted to compile data on which grape varieties have been planted in Georgia for commercial wine production — not since wine production came back into the state over 20-30 years ago. For this reason, I have developed a quick survey to collect this information (hit the link below for the survey). Specifically, we want to gather which varieties have been planted to date, and we would like to know the acreage of those grapes — even if certain varieties have since been removed; if removed, we also want to capture why you removed them. The UGA viticulture team is asking you to comment on your better performing varieties, as well as grapes you feel were not a good fit for your operation. By having everyone participate, we can begin to develop a historical record of grapes that have been attempted in Georgia. Looking ahead, we hope to continue tracking new plantings and varieties. We hope that this data will help future producers make educated planting decisions from testimonial experiences that you provide, as well as helping UGA faculty in targeting specific grapes for various research experiments. Please use the qualtrics survey link below to complete the survey. Please help us as we help this growing industry.

Nathan Eason; White County Extension Coordinator

Survey Link: