This week we will see a couple of rain-makers in the Southeast. Tropical Storm Zeta has formed in the Caribbean and is expected to move across the Southeast later this week. There will be some rain and gusty winds from that system as it moves through the area after making landfall in Louisiana. At the same time, a big low pressure center is expected to move through the region, bringing more rain to the Ohio and Tennessee River valleys and points east. This could include up to several inches of rain in more mountainous regions of the Southeast. Cooler temperatures are expected this week due to the cold fronts that are now starting to move through the region. However, the coldest air, which is bringing snow and single-digit temperatures to the northern Plains, is not expected to get to the Southeast, so I don’t see any signs of frost in the next couple of weeks.

By now, I expect that most of the grape harvest is done for the year, so I am not planning to do any more weekly forecasts this fall. If I am wrong and you still need these, please send me an email at and I will continue to put them out. I also post a weekly rain forecast on Saturday mornings on my climate blog at and you are welcome to subscribe to that as well.

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