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Coffeeweed Control in Peanuts

  One troublesome weed in peanuts that we see a lot of in Tattnall County is Sicklepod, but most people know it as “Coffeeweed”.  I took this photo of one that just sprouted and came up in some peanuts.  Many growers have trouble controlling it later in the season when it…
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Burndown Sprays for Peanuts

In the last 2 weeks, there have been a lot of peanuts planted in our area.  Many have cracked the ground like the one in the picture above.  Some growers will be preparing for “burndown” sprays soon to help control early season weeds and put out more residual herbicide. One…
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Tank Mixing Paraquat

We often get calls about tank mixing certain herbicides and their compatibility with different products.  I have heard of issues mixing paraquat (brand name Gramoxone) with certain herbicides, such as Reflex.  I talked to Dr. Eric Prostko, Extension Weed Scientist, about the possibility of mixing issues with paraquat and he gave me…
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Corn Nutrient Deficiencies

Recently as I have been out in the county I have seen some corn with nutrient deficiency symptoms.  Below are some pictures of several corn nutrient deficiencies. The following pictures are of corn Nitrogen deficiency symptoms.  You see a V-shaped yellowing that starts on the bottom leaves of the plant.   The…
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Ouch! What is that weed in my lawn?

  We often get several calls in the spring about a weed that comes up in our lawns that has sharp “burrs” or “stickers” that hurt our feet if we walk outside barefoot. Some people call it stickerweed or spur weed, and if you ever step on it without any…
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Cotton Coming Up, Watch for Thrips

Above you can see some young cotton that has just come up in the last few days.  It had to endure some cold rains and cooler weather while trying to emerge, but most of it looks good.  As you can see in the picture, there are 2 plants coming up…
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