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Profitability of ‘Lakota’ pecan

With the pecan prices down from their highs a few years ago, growers need to be looking for ways to cut production costs to increase profitability of their operations. Here is an article by Lenny Wells discussing a highly scab resistance pecan cultivar named Lakota. The top concern on growers’…
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2021 Production Meetings

As everyone is aware this past year has been quite different from any before it. COVID-19 has affected many aspects of everyday life that people have taken for granted. Social gatherings, eating inside restaurants, and even shaking hands have taken a hiatus for now. I have faith that soon enough…
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Peanut Pod Blasting

It’s getting close to that time of year again! Starting this week, we will be offering peanut maturity evaluations to growers in order to determine when to initiate harvest. We will be blasting on Mondays and Fridays depending on where you are located. Please be sure to call beforehand. You…
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