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Wanted! Argentine Black and White Tegus

There is a new invasive lizard now in Tattnall County and surrounding counties. These lizards are called Tegus. They are an invasive species and can pose threats to birds, mammals and insects in Georgia. They also eat fruit,vegetables, pet food and eggs, including chickens and their eggs.  They also eat…
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Paraquat Dichloride Training for Certified Applicators

The EPA is now requiring that certified applicators successfully complete an EPA training before mixing, loading, and/or applying paraquat. The training provides important information about paraquat’s toxicity, new label requirements and restrictions, and the consequences of misuse. Any person who intends to use paraquat must be a certified applicator and…
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Christmas On A Budget

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…unless you haven’t started Christmas shopping yet, then it becomes the most stressful time of the year! Here are a few tips to make your holiday merry without breaking your budget. Tip 1: Look at your budget to determine how much money you…
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2018 Tattnall County Peanut Variety Trial

Every year, The University of Georgia conducts a statewide peanut variety trial. This past season Tattnall County participated in this trial, and I wanted to share our local Tattnall County results with everyone. This was a dry land field and had not had peanuts in four years. This variety trial…
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