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Grain Storage Meeting July 11th

Grain Storage Meeting Tattnall County will be hosting a Grain Storage Meeting on Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 at Midtown Grain in Glennville, GA.  This will be a timely update for those preparing for corn harvest and storage.  Please see the flyer below for details about the meeting.  Call the Tattnall…
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Corn Irrigation

The weather has recently dried up a little bit and I have seen many irrigation pivots in corn fields running during the past several days .  It is very important to avoid water stress in corn because it will reduce yield potential.  Below is some information taken from the 2015 UGA Corn Production…
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Corn Nutrient Deficiencies

Recently as I have been out in the county I have seen some corn with nutrient deficiency symptoms.  Below are some pictures of several corn nutrient deficiencies. The following pictures are of corn Nitrogen deficiency symptoms.  You see a V-shaped yellowing that starts on the bottom leaves of the plant.   The…
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