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Chris Tyson

  • 2018 Vidalia Onion Variety Trial Results

    Results are in from this year’s Vidalia Onion Variety Trials.  Please take a look below at the yield results.  Many thanks to all the seed companies and industry representatives, as well as UGA staff who participate in this trial.

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  • Vidalia Onion Production Meeting – Aug. 9, 2018 UGA Extension is hosting the annual Vidalia Onion Production Update on Thursday, August 9th, 2018 at 12:00.  Check out the agenda below:

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  • Grain Storage Meeting July 11th

    Grain Storage Meeting Tattnall County will be hosting a Grain Storage Meeting on Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 at Midtown Grain in Glennville, GA.  This will be a timely update for those preparing for corn harvest and storage.  Please see the flyer below for details about the meeting.  Call the Tattnall County Extension Office at 912-557-6724…

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  • We hope you will make plans to attend our May 10th Cattlemen’s Meeting.  Everyone is invited to attend, not just Cattlemen’s Members.  Please call the Tattnall County Extension Office at 557-6724 if you would like to reserve your seat or have any questions.

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  • Pecan Weed Control

    Its time to burn down those herbicide strips in pecan orchards in preparation for the growing season. There are many combinations of herbicide applications you could use. Here are a few for trees of different ages. Information provided by Lenny Wells. Trees 1-2 Yrs: At budbreak: Glufosinate + Prowl May/June: Glufosinate or Glyphosate or Paraquat…

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  • Onion Downy Mildew Update

    Downy Mildew Found in Our Area Downy Mildew of Vidalia Onion (Peronospora destructor) was confirmed in the Vidalia Onion growing region on March 19, 2018.  This can be a highly destructive disease, causing serious losses in yield and bulb quality.  Growers need to be aware of its presence in the area so they can make decisions…

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  • The UGA Vidalia Onion and Vegetable Research Center will be hosting their 19th Annual Vidalia Onion Field Day on April 5th, 2018.  As always, the meeting will begin at 12:00 noon, with a catered lunch followed by plot visits of the latest research projects on the station. Please take a look at the agenda below:

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