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Chris Tyson

  • Sweet Potato Weed Control

    Last week at our Sweet Potato Production Meeting, Dr. Culpepper discussed weed control in sweet potatoes.  He shared these handouts with the group.  They outline weed control options and instructions for use.  Click on the handouts below to take a closer look. Sweet Potato Weed Control

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  • Sweet Potato Variety Evaluation in Georgia

    In 2017, Researchers and County Agents from UGA evaluated several sweet potato varieties for yield and quality.  These tests were conducted in Tifton and at the Vidalia Onion and Vegetable Research Center in Lyons.  Some of the varieties that were looked at are older, common varieties, and others were newer releases. Click on the picture…

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  • Your UGA Forage Newsletter: March 2018

    UGA Forage Newsletter March 2018 Click to read the latest edition!

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  • In 2018, there is the possibility that peanut growers may face a shortage of chlorothalonil (brand names Bravo, Echo, others).  In addition to this, many growers are also not able to use propiconazole (brand names Tilt, Artisan, and others) anymore due to other restrictions.  With the loss or shortage of these two products, growers may…

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  • Just received word on this program today.  Take a look below to see if it will apply to your operation. Cotton Ginning Cost Share Program (Click here to view full screen)

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  • Watch Out For Stinging Nettle!

    Each winter and spring, we get questions about a weed seen growing around pastures and livestock barns that causes a painful, burning irritation to the skin if touched.  This weed is called stinging nettle. Stinging nettle (Urtica chamaedryoides) is a winter annual weed that is commonly seen in late winter and early spring.  It can…

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  • Auxin Herbicide Updates and Training for 2018


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