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In 2018, there is the possibility that peanut growers may face a shortage of chlorothalonil (brand names Bravo, Echo, others).  In addition to this, many growers are also not able to use propiconazole (brand names Tilt, Artisan, and others) anymore due to other restrictions.  With the loss or shortage of these two products, growers may be wondering what they can use for management of peanut leaf spot in situations where they would normally use 1.5 pints of chlorothalonil per acre, or an application of propiconazole.  Below are some options that are considered as effective or better than 1.5 pts of chlorothalonil for managing leaf spot in peanuts.  The Priaxor application is intended to replace 2 chlorothalonil sprays.  Thanks to Bob Kemerait, UGA Plant Pathologist, for providing this information.