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Ouch! What is that weed in my lawn?

  We often get several calls in the spring about a weed that comes up in our lawns that has sharp “burrs” or “stickers” that hurt our feet if we walk outside barefoot. Some people call it stickerweed or spur weed, and if you ever step on it without any…
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Cotton Coming Up, Watch for Thrips

Above you can see some young cotton that has just come up in the last few days.  It had to endure some cold rains and cooler weather while trying to emerge, but most of it looks good.  As you can see in the picture, there are 2 plants coming up…
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Supplementation Strategies For Hay

Some producers have had questions recently about supplementation options for hay.  Many people around the area and around the state have had to feed hay longer than expected for several different reasons, including poor establishment of winter annuals from cold and wet conditions.  Most cattle producers are close to finishing…
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