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Yellow Peanuts

As our peanuts progress through the season, sometimes yellow areas or spots may begin to show up in fields.  Peanuts can be yellow for several reasons, including nitrogen deficiency due to poor inoculation or low pH, or in areas where it has been excessively wet.  However, often times the yellow…
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Cotton Blooming, PGR Rainfast Timing

  I have seen a few cotton fields blooming this week.  Most of them were planted in early May.  Some of the growers have already sprayed these fields with the first application of PGR and Boron.  During this time of year, we often get “pop-up” thunderstorms that interfere with folks…
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Watch For Pecan Aphids

One of the more serious pests that affect pecan trees is the black pecan aphid.  Pecan growers should be scouting for the black aphid from now through the end of the season.  The black pecan aphid can cause serious damage to leaves that can result in premature defoliation.  Black pecan…
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Cotton Squaring

There is a good bit of cotton now that has started putting on squares.  It won’t be long before we see some blooms.  There are a few reminders about fertility I wanted to mention. -Sidedress Nitrogen between first square and first bloom.  However, don’t forget about Boron and Sulfur. -Boron (B)…
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Stem Maggot Damage Update

Yes, stem maggot damage is very bad again this year on bermudagrass.  And no, we haven’t found any new products to control it. Dr. Will Hudson is the UGA Entomologist who has been doing research on stem maggot.  Here’s his latest update: “The fall armyworm situation is much less severe…
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Watermelon Downy Mildew Found In Georgia

University of Georgia plant pathologist Dr. Bhabesh Dhutta recently alerted us that downy mildew of watermelon has been detected in Georgia in Sumter County on June 10, 2015.  Downy Mildew can be a serious disease of watermelon under the right conditions such as when the weather is wet and humid. The following fungicides…
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