Yellowstone park

  • When you walk through Yellowstone National Park you can hear the energy from the earth bubbling up all around you. There are over 10,000 thermal features in Yellowstone. It’s amazing! This is geothermal energy, a great source of renewable energy. Geothermal isn’t widely used.   In the United States, geothermal energy accounts for less than one…

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  • squirrel

    I recently returned from visiting Glacier National Park. It was beautiful, despite the smoke from the wildfires in the air.  Even though I grew up in Montana, this was only my third visit to the park.  What can I say, Montana is a big state and I live in Georgia now. Glacier Park was designated a…

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  • Garden Landscape

    Spring is a great time to celebrate the earth in all its splendor.  There is truly #NoPlaceLikeHome.  Celebrate today and every day.  I have a hard time picking my one favorite place, so I am sharing a collection of some of my favorite places. More info on the NASA Earth Day celebration.

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