energy saving

  • Light Bulb

    By now energy-efficient lighting is hardly a new concept. You’ve likely heard of energy-saving bulbs, seen them in someone’s home, and maybe even tried buying some. However, energy-efficient lighting has come a very long way in recent years. Gone are the days of odd-looking bulbs, turning on the lights and having to wait a couple…

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  • solar lites outdoor

    When buying gifts this holiday season, think “smart strip,” “twist,” and LED.  All of these gifts will conserve energy and save you money. 1)  Consider giving a smart strip. Smart strips help reduce standby power consumption – often called vampire or phantom power.  Vampire power accounts for 5-10% of your total household electric consumption, but using…

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  • solar houses

    Driving through small villages in Austria and Germany I noticed that the farm houses are often attached to the barn where the cows, pigs, sheep and assorted other animals live.  I grew up on a ranch, but our barn and the fragrances associated with it were a good distance from the house.  I am not…

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