Researchers say laughter is good for your health. Go out and laugh this weekend!

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Hearty laughter may lower your blood pressure, increase your heart rate, reduce stress, ease muscle tension, improve your breathing, boost mental function, and burn calories! Imagine nurturing your body and mind with all of these health benefits when you laugh.

Imagine being prescribed laughter for weight loss. It is not as silly as it sounds. Doctor William Fry Jr. coined the terms “internal aerobics” and “stationary jogging” to describe the physical effects of a good belly laugh. His research found that laughter, like physical exercise speeds up heart rate, expands circulation and enhances oxygen intake. In fact, he calculated that 100 to 200 belly-laughs a day is the equivalent of a high-impact workout that can help you burn off as many as 500 calories.

In addition, laughter has been known to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone in our body), ease muscle tension and increase the body’s T-Cell count (type of…

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