A UGA class is building a Tiny House and learning many things along the way. Follow their progress @ https://tinydawghouse.wordpress.com/.


We talked briefly in class today about the major considerations for roofing and siding materials for our tiny dawg house. The 6 main realms of concern are: cost, energy efficiency, carbon footprint, weight and aesthetics. For our class, ease of installation, or more specifically, level of skill required to install, adds another dimension to the discussion. We have a few offers for ffree roofing materials, but before we decide, I wanted to see if anybody (students in the class or anyone else visiting our site) had ideas on suitable materials to use.

Today, at this moment, we are seriously thinking of using what is called an AG Panel for both the roof and siding, but break up the the metal siding by using cement fiber panels above and under the windows, painted a cheery color. The pic below is from the Rocky Mtn Tiny House website (https://rockymountaintinyhouses.com/) and shows an…

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