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Agriculture & Natural Resources Updates for Fannin & Gilmer Counties


  • October is the perfect month for North Georgia homeowners to add plants to the landscape. While you are designing an attractive landscape for your enjoyment, take some time to think about including plants and other items that will attract wildlife to your yard. Keep in mind that what you include in your design, such as,…

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  • Calling all foresters, forest managers, arborists, private landowners, etc. This UGA Extension Forestry and Natural Resources training is free but space is limited and pre-registration is required!

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  • Box Turtle

    Summer is in full swing in Appalachia, and with it comes an increase in traffic through our mountain towns. Whether your interest lies in a float down the river, whitewater rafting, kayaking, hiking into the backcountry, mountain biking, fishing, visiting our lovely orchards and vineyards, or enjoying a bite to eat and a stroll downtown…

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  • Black Bear Cubs

    As the weather continues to change and day temperatures become increasing warmer, we can expect to start seeing more and more wildlife activity. With this in mind, as marching time draws on, I find myself waiting to get the first calls about one of the most notable wildlife species with which we share our beautiful…

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  • Leave the leaves!

    Over the past couple weeks, the signs of winter’s arrival are becoming more obvious. December has brought us some colder weather, and the same leaves that provided us with a bright, autumn display have now turned brown and are falling off the trees. Vegetable gardens are starting to look a bit worse for wear and…

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  • Woodpeckers are highly visible snag users.

    Aside from endeavoring to identify every tree I walk past when I’m walking my beloved four-legged companions, Susie Q and Maggie Mae, I get a pretty big kick out of seeing snags and downed logs on people’s property. Yes, I’m that person looking and scouring over your landscape, but I’m not ruminating over your grass…

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  • Monarch Butterfly

    Just as fall color is brought on by cooler weather and shorter days, the Eastern Monarch butterfly’s migration is also driven by seasonal changes. Thus, the time of year has arrived for folks along the east coast to look for signs of Monarch butterflies making their way southward. Depending on your location, the fall migration…

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  • Georgia’s Snakes

    This is the time of year when the County Extension office gets lots of calls about snakes. For some people, the thought of crossing paths with a snake evokes extreme fear, but the truth is that snakes are an ordinary and important part of the landscape in Georgia. Over the years, I’ve found that generally,…

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  • Since the weather has warmed up I have been getting an increasing number of calls from folks who have sighted black bears in their yard. The first sighting is usually an exciting event – what a thrill to see such a large wild animal up close! However, additional visits by a bear are not usually…

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