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Christmas Tree Selection and Care

A symbol of life amidst the dark, cold winter, this time of year millions of families will be decorating their homes with evergreen trees to celebrate the holiday season. The history of the Christmas tree is fascinating, with Germany being credited for starting the tradition in the 16th century. Despite…
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Evergreens shed needles in the fall

November has brought us some cooler weather, and with it the opportunity to enjoy time outdoors without the intense heat of summer. The fall color this season has been stunning and as more leaves senesce and dapple the forest floor, I’m reminded of another phase of fall. A short-lived time…
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Rosellinia Needle Blight on Hemlock

Rosellinia Image

Over the past few weeks I’ve received numerous calls and emails from clients concerned over the welfare of their beloved hemlock trees. The trees of concern have all been described as having browning needles and dieback. Despite having been treated for the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, these trees do not seem…
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Assessing storm-damaged trees

Fallen Tree Image

Hurricane Ida brought devastating flood and storm damage to Louisiana, but neighboring states, including Georgia, also had their fair share of action from resulting severe weather. While I remind myself that “things could have been worse” we still have some storm damage in North Georgia, and I’ve already had several…
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Periodical Cicada “Flagging”

Oak Tree Flagging

The emergence of “Brood X” exceeded expectations in North Georgia, as those of us who happened to reside in the “cicada zone” observed droves of periodical cicadas emerging in huge numbers. Over the past month, the song of male periodical cicada has faded and we’re seeing less and less of…
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Check for Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Now

Hemlock Branch

Yesterday while walking with my faithful companions Susie Q and Maggie Mae, I was admiring the signs that spring has sprung. Cast an eye into the woods and you’ll see a horde of ferns pushing their way through the leaf litter, dogwoods decorate the wood line, gracing us with their…
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Storm-damaged trees

We are still recovering from Tropical Storm Zeta, and I’ve already had several calls from concerned homeowners wondering what they should do with their damaged trees. Storm-damaged trees can be dangerous to clean up, as damaged trees are subject to all the perils associated with tree felling. Working conditions may…
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