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  • Soil sample bag image

    Did your vegetable garden, fruit orchard, or pasture not perform as you would have hoped last year? While environmental extremes, such as excessive rain or dry spells, and pests and diseases can cause trouble, rarely is one factor to blame for an ailing garden. Regardless of what the causal agents may be, a very good…

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  • Drop Box

    Did your vegetable garden not perform as you would have hoped last year? Healthy soil is the foundation on which a successful garden is built yet soil sampling, the first step in ensuring your soil is fertile and suitable for plant growth, is often overlooked. Collecting soil samples only takes a few minutes and it…

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  • Fire Image

    Each winter in North Georgia, plumes of smoke scatter across the mountains, indicating that families are home enjoying a roaring fire in their fireplaces or wood-burning stove. Whether these fires are used as a source of heat or for enjoyment, once the flames die down, a pile of wood ash remains. University of Georgia Cooperative…

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