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  • Butterfly Weed

    Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The 2021 Georgia Pollinator Plants of the Year have been announced and gardeners, growers, and retailers alike can come together in support of these special plants. Not familiar with the Georgia Pollinator Plants of the Year Program? Allow me to get you up to speed. The plight of the…

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  • European Hornets

    European Hornet

    Over the past few weeks I’ve been contacted by several North Georgians who are concerned over some very large flying insects. They’re not bees and they’re not yellow jackets or paper wasps, so what are they? After reviewing pictures or a sample that a brave individual brought into my office, I was able to conclude…

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  • Tulip Poplars

    We all know that providing flowers is one way to help local pollinators. And with this in mind, thoughts of pollinator habitats conjure up images of sprawling wildflower meadows or colorful gardens blooming in the full sunlight. While these types of habitats are as great for pollinators as they are beautiful, homeowners surrounded by shade…

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  • Leave the leaves!

    Over the past couple weeks, the signs of winter’s arrival are becoming more obvious. December has brought us some colder weather, and the same leaves that provided us with a bright, autumn display have now turned brown and are falling off the trees. Vegetable gardens are starting to look a bit worse for wear and…

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  • Monarch Butterfly

    Just as fall color is brought on by cooler weather and shorter days, the Eastern Monarch butterfly’s migration is also driven by seasonal changes. Thus, the time of year has arrived for folks along the east coast to look for signs of Monarch butterflies making their way southward. Depending on your location, the fall migration…

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  • Build a Pollinator Space

    Presented by Fannin County Extension in Partnership with the Fannin County Young Famers Association. Join us for lunch and learn how to design, install and maintain your own pollinator space. There will also be a hands-on activity building a pollinator nesting box. Building materials are sponsored by Toccoa River Lumber and the meal provided by…

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  • Butterfly image

    In partnership with the University of Georgia Extension office, Gilmer County Library is pleased to host the second annual Great Georgia Pollinator Census. The event is being held on August 22, 2020 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm in the Design, Inspire, Grow (DIG) teaching garden.We are requiring registration for this event so that we…

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  • Whether you have wide open spaces, a small side yard, or patio planters, wildflowers are an excellent choice! By establishing native perennials and grasses, property owners may not only enjoy the beauty of a succession of flowers and varied plant forms, but also experience a renewed connection with nature. When done properly, wildflower meadows enhance…

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