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Holiday Plant Care

As we enter into the holiday season, many people enjoy decorating their homes to help them get into the holiday spirit. While some folks just have the knack for picking out the perfect gift, others may be looking for some ideas on how to communicate their well wishes. Personally, I…
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Azalea Care

Azalea Lace Bug

Azaleas have been a southern favorite for years. In the Old South azaleas graced plantation houses with their charm, provided flowers for corsages, and were the backbone of many landscape plantings.  The taller Indica azaleas worked well to hide the less attractive foundations of homes.  The plants grew so large…
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Add a splash of color to your fall garden

Bumblebee and honey bee on mountain mint

While summer doesn’t technically come to its end until September 22, there are some phenological signs indicating that we’re moving in that direction. Yellow poplars are already starting to show some dappled yellow in their canopies and are starting to shed some leaves, and before we know it we will…
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Establishing a Wildflower Meadow

Whether you have wide open spaces, a small side yard, or patio planters, wildflowers are an excellent choice! By establishing native perennials and grasses, property owners may not only enjoy the beauty of a succession of flowers and varied plant forms, but also experience a renewed connection with nature. When…
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