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Agriculture & Natural Resources Updates for Fannin & Gilmer Counties

Testing Services

UGA Extension provides testing services through The University of Georgia. There are many types of tests available such as water, soil, plant tissue, and radon.

Please contact the Fannin office at 706-632-3061 and the Gilmer office at 706-635-4426 to learn test options, pricing, packaging, and office hours for bringing in your test samples. Results are usually available in 8 – 10 business days.

Soil Testing

Soil Testing the Easy Way for instructions on taking a soil sample.

Water Testing

  • Expanded Water- Recommended if water has never been tested. This test addresses common well water quality problems in Georgia such as corrosion, high levels of iron and manganese, and nitrate from various sources. 
  • Basic Mineral  –  Recommended annual test after Expanded test has been done. 
  • Bacteria Test- Tests for E-coli & Total Coliform. This test is time sensitive and can only be over night shipped Monday through Wednesday to the lab. 
  • Radon – 

Please contact the office to find out what other water tests are available.