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  • Crape Mrytle image

    Pruning season has kicked off with a fury, as all around I’m seeing crape myrtles with their proverbial heads lopped off. The most natural and beautiful crape myrtle trees result from limited or no pruning, yet one of the most common misconceptions I come across as a County Extension agent is that folks think crape…

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  • Houseplant Woes

    Brown leaf tip lily

    By this time of year, many plant enthusiasts’ homes may be packed full of plants they intend to overwinter or perhaps they’ve received some new additions from the holiday season. In many cases, the plants were beautiful upon arrival, but now that they’ve been indoors for a while they seem to be going downhill in…

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  • Oakleaf Hydrangea

    Through a combination of practice and general horticultural knowledge, a homeowner can become quite adept at tending their ornamental landscape plant; however, for some gardeners, pruning may continue to be troublesome. Afterall, many plants have their own growth habit and may have a different requirement for pruning than other plants in the landscape. For example,…

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  • Once established, grape hyacinths readily naturalize, reproducing by division and self-seeding. Note that in some situations, grape hyacinths can become invasive, so only plant them in areas where you don’t mind them spreading.

    Now is the time to start enjoying the milder temperatures and beautiful fall colors while you plant. And, let’s face it. While there are some chores in the landscape that you just dread, there is a certain fall garden activity that doesn’t have to be a chore – fall bulb planting! Fall is the correct…

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  • Plants at MGEV Plant Sale

    Each year the North Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteers coordinate a spring plant sale, of which all profits are used to provide college scholarships for Fannin and Copper Basin High School students pursuing higher education in an agriculture-related field. Unfortunately, due to the shutdown brought on by COVID-19, the annual sale was postponed this spring…

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