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Zebras’ stripes controlled by temperature

An interesting story published this week in Phys.Org discusses the pattern of zebra stripes and attempts to determine how their patterns form.  Researchers from the University of California published a report this week in Royal Society Open Science which shows a statistical relationship between the pattern of black and white stripes on…
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Most rain stays along the coast next week

The latest 7-day QPF forecast for the Southeast shows that the heaviest rains in the next week will occur mainly along the south and east coasts of the region.  This is due to two coastal storms that will be developing in the area.  The first will develop off the East…
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Farming in arctic climates: Increasing opportunities

The Modern Farmer published an article this week on the growth of farming at high latitudes (  The article lists several reasons for increasing agriculture in a challenging place, including changing diets of indigenous people, increased demand for local foods, and increases in temperature under a changing climate that is…
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