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Wet week ahead

The 7-day QPF shows a large area of rain across the Southeast for the next week, with amounts greater than 3 inches in north Georgia and along the coasts.  A low pressure center is expected to develop in the Gulf and track along the East Coast, bringing rain to much…
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Dry conditions save pecan crop

We often talk about negative impacts of drought, but for some people it has positive impacts as well.  For construction companies and golf courses, dry conditions mean more days to get work and play done, increasing income.  In agriculture, a story this week in Growing Georgia highlights one benefit that…
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Could land application of animal feedlot wastewater spread antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

An entry from the American Geophysical Union blog site in mid-August discusses the possibility of spreading antibiotic-resistant bacteria (ABR) through wind dispersal of land-applied animal wastewater used for irrigation in drought conditions.  You can read the blog here.  Scientists are not sure about the amount of ABR naturally occurring in…
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