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Forest Health Workshop, Talbot County GA on June 30

Need information about bugs, fungi, weeds and other staff that might be getting between you and a healthy forest? Register now for a Forest Health & Invasive Species Workshop to take place June 30, 2016 in Talbot County, Georgia. Attached is a flyer with information. To register please e-mail
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Southern wildfire resource

A new website which collects information on wildfire in the Southeast is now available at  This website collects information on wildfire research geared towards Southeastern wildfires as well as shares success stories on dealing with forest fires.  It includes information on SouthWRAP, the Southern Wildfire Risk Assessment online mapping tool, an…
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The forest and the trees

Columbia Metropolitan magazine posted a story recently on the importance of the timber industry to South Carolina.  Did you know that timber is SC’s top crop?  Forest product industries now have an estimated economic impact of more than $18 billion in the state, according to the South Carolina Forestry Commission,…
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