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Resources on combining livestock and tree production

“Silvopasture” is the combination of growing trees, forage and livestock together.  The USDA National Agroforestry Center has put together a great list of resources online that describe how silvopasture works and what things agricultural producers need to consider if they are thinking about converting.  There are also some useful worksheets…
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SERCH: Assessment of Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies

The Southeast Regional Climate Hub has produced a new comprehensive document describing the Southeast’s vulnerability to changing climate and methods for adapting to and mitigating for the effects of those likely changes.  It includes impacts on crops, livestock, and forests across the region.  You can read the document at
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Wildfires are changing what grows where

Scientists that study plants growing in areas affected by Western wildfires are noticing that the types of plants that replace the old burned-over varieties are different than the plants that were originally there, according to research published recently in the Journal of Ecology.  The new plants are generally those that are…
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