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Drought-related forest fires cause problems in Canada, France

Extreme droughts in southern France and western Canada (this one I think is linked to the drought that is plaguing the Northern Plains right how) are causing tinder-dry conditions which are flaring into large and numerous wildfires in those regions.  Here are two stories about the impacts of those fires.

AgWeb noted that more than 375 fires in British Columbia have burned down millions of board-feet of timber and caused a number of sawmills to close due to the approaching fires in their story here. So far it has not had a large impact on supplies but that is expected to become more of an issue as the fires continue to threaten timber harvest and processing plants.

Time magazine noted here that wildfires in southeastern France have forced the evacuation of at least 10,000 people during the height of the tourist season there.  CNN has a related story with some good pictures and an explanation of the weather set-up here.

Source: Bureau of Land Management / Commons Wikimedia