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Vegetable Problems

It’s that time of the year when our Extension office gets inundated with calls about vegetable garden problems.  It seems like problems are starting earlier this year.  In fact, it’s so early in the season that there really shouldn’t be many insects and diseases affecting vegetables—yet.  Most insects and diseases…
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Ants in My Plants

Every summer, we receive calls about ants getting into vegetable gardens and crawling all over people’s plants.  In particular, okra and southern peas seem to be a common problem for nuisance ants.  Ants are attracted to the sugary nectar produced in flowers and may also be attracted to other sap-feeding…
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Rotten Tomatoes

If calcium is deficient in developing tomato fruits, an irreversible condition known as blossom-end rot will develop. Blossom-end rot occurs when cell wall calcium is deficient during early fruit development, and results in cell wall membrane collapse.  Blossom end rot is a physiological disorder of tomatoes and not caused by…
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