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Vegetable Problems

It’s that time of the year when our Extension office gets inundated with calls about vegetable garden problems.  It seems like problems are starting earlier this year.  In fact, it’s so early in the season that there really shouldn’t be many insects and diseases affecting vegetables—yet.  Most insects and diseases…
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Does Roundup Cause Cancer?

If you’ve watched any television in the past few years, you probably couldn’t have missed getting bombarded with advertisements about class action lawsuits surrounding the Roundup herbicide.  Roundup is one of many popular weed control products on the market today that contains the active ingredient glyphosate.  Because of recent court…
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Fairy Ring Mushrooms

We’ve had numerous calls this season about mushrooms popping up in lawns and landscapes.  When the “fungus among us” forms a circle or arc pattern, it’s commonly known as a fairy ring.  In some cases, fairy ring mushrooms can cause a discoloration or abnormal growth of turfgrass in lawns.  According…
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