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Transplant Shock

As a general rule, anytime a tree or shrub dies within the first year of planting, there is usually a root issue involved.  Spring planted trees and shrubs are generally more stressed from summer heat, since their roots are still underdeveloped during the first year.  This results in excessive wilting,…
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Japanese Holly Decline

Japanese holly, Ilex crenata, are popular evergreen shrubs found in many residential and commercial landscapes.  Unlike many other types of hollies, Japanese hollies do not have any thorns.  Some of the more popular varieties include ‘Helleri’, ‘Compacta’, and ‘Soft Touch’.  These slow-growing Japanese holly varieties produce dense, compact shrubs that…
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Effects of Lawn Herbicides on Landscape Trees and Shrubs

This presentation is geared toward certified arborists, landscapers, master gardeners, and home gardeners that commonly use phenoxy herbicides for lawn weed control. This particular presentation focuses on the potential for phenoxy herbicides to affect non-target trees and woody ornamentals in landscape settings due to poor application choices by professionals. This is an issue that is commonly encountered in the landscape and arboriculture industry, as seen by numerous plant samples submitted to local Extension offices diagnosed with phenoxy herbicide injury. One focus of the training details a case study example showing the potential for tree injury from root absorption of phenoxy herbicides and highlighting possible liability if not used appropriately. The purpose of this presentation is to raise awareness in the industry about this important issue and provide practical tips on avoiding potential damage and liability.
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