• What would you do if you found a snapping turtle or a 6 ft. snake in your backyard?  This time of year, we get many of these kinds of wildlife questions at the County Extension office.  Reptiles are emerging from their winter slumber to find food and a future mate.  It is interesting to note […]

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  • Bats in the attic

    Nearly 1,000 species of bats are known throughout the world, and approximately 40 species inhabit the United States.  Bats are beneficial because they are efficient predators of insects. A single bat, for instance, may consume as many as 2,000 insects every night.  Because flying insects are not active during the winter months, bats must either […]

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  • Moles are insectivores that are closely related to shrews and bats. In the fall, there is a lot of mole activity because white grubs are starting to hatch out near the soil surface. This is one of the mole’s favorite snacks. Moles tunneling under the lawn can be a symptom of a grub problem, especially […]

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