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Transplant Shock

As a general rule, anytime a tree or shrub dies within the first year of planting, there is usually a root issue involved.  Spring planted trees and shrubs are generally more stressed from summer heat, since their roots are still underdeveloped during the first year.  This results in excessive wilting,…
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Leyland Cypress Problems

Question: Why are the branches on my Leyland cypress trees dying back?  Over the last decade or so Leyland cypress became extremely popular as screening plants. They provided homeowners with a cheap, very rapidly growing privacy screen. Unfortunately, when a plant becomes so popular that it is planted everywhere, formerly…
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Not Your Father’s Corn

I noticed many folks buying sweet corn seed at local garden centers recently. I also noticed that the most popular variety still appears to be Silver Queen. When I was a kid, everyone planted Silver Queen corn, which is a late season variety. The problem with late season varieties is…
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