Paul Pugliese.

  • Brown Rot on Peaches

    Brown rot is one of the most common and damaging fungal diseases of peaches in Georgia.  In most years, all of the ripening fruit can be lost to this disease on unsprayed trees.  The severity of the disease can vary from year to year depending on the amount of moisture and humidity.  Brown rot attacks…

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  • Farm to Market: A Food Safety Webinar

    Come learn about best practices to keep food safe during COVID-19, from the farm to the market.

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  • Sappy Peaches

    The oozing sap on stems and fruit are actually caused by two different issues. The exuding of sap or gum from the stems of stone fruit trees (peaches, plums, cherry) is so common it has been given the name gummosis.

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  • Sapsucker Woodpecker Damage to Trees

    In this Extension Corner segment, UGA Extension’s Paul Pugliese talks about holes in trees caused by sapsucker woodpeckers.

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  • Food Security

    The continued operation of the food and agriculture industry is vital to the health and wellness of people during this global emergency. The one thing we don’t have to worry about in this country is a shortage of food. The U.S. is literally the breadbasket of the world. Farmers still go to work every day,…

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  • Home Grown Tomatoes

    In this Extension Corner segment, UGA Extension’s Paul Pugliese talks about planting tomatoes.

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  • Avoiding Early Bloomers

    The weather has been unusually warm to start out this year.  I noticed the flower buds on my plum and pear trees starting to swell and show some color in February.  Unfortunately, if this warm weather continues, we will end up having a premature bloom on many fruit tree species.  In some years, it is…

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  • Plant Plagues

    The abundant rainfall and warm weather over the past few weeks has unleashed a potential plague of weeds, insects, and garden diseases.  It appears that spring is coming early this year!  So far, we are about ten inches above normal for rainfall in North Georgia.  Soil temperatures are warming up fast, which means this weekend…

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  • Connecting Children to STEM

    There are many ways we can incorporate health and nutrition education, environmental education, agricultural awareness, and local food into our experiential learning objectives at local schools.  Extension agents share a common interest in connecting Local, Environmental, Agricultural and Food (LEAF) experiences to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) for enhancing student education.  This LEAF connection…

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  • Tree bark injuries

    Split bark, or vertical cracks along the lower tree stem of young trees, most commonly occurs on thin-barked trees. Large cracks can become long-term open wounds that are more susceptible to wood-boring insects, fungal diseases and wood decay.  Read More

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