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  • Its time to burn down those herbicide strips in pecan orchards in preparation for the growing season. There are many combinations of herbicide applications you could use. Here are a few for trees of different ages. Information provided by Lenny Wells. Trees 1-2 Yrs: At budbreak: Glufosinate + Prowl May/June: Glufosinate or Glyphosate or Paraquat…

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  • A few weeks ago, I would have said spring has finally come and winter is no more. My tune has changed a bit since then. Winter’s claws are still trying to hold on a bit longer.  This does not mean that one should wait for weed control in their garden. Weed control in gardens can…

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  • It will soon be time to plant watermelons.  Here are the update weed control and fungicide programs for watermelons.  

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