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A few weeks ago, I would have said spring has finally come and winter is no more. My tune has changed a bit since then. Winter’s claws are still trying to hold on a bit longer.  This does not mean that one should wait for weed control in their garden.

Weed control in gardens can be easy or difficult depending on one’s opinion of weeding. In one regard, homeowners’ don’t possess the broad tool of weed prevention that large farmers have at their disposal. However, a garden can ‘easily’ be hand weeded. But, if you have ever shaken your hand in disgust at weeds, or said there has to be another way then maybe this article is for you.

Weeds can be controlled two ways: pre-emergence or post-emergence.  Hand weeding would fall under the umbrella of post-emergence. If you are a hand weeder and are happy with the results then read no further.

As I have mentioned, homeowners’ don’t have many options, but there are enough to get sufficient control. For instance, glyphosate (i.e. round-up) can be applied around the entire garden; however, since this is a non-selective herbicide do not spray any on vegetation that you don’t wish to kill. Another chemical for post-emergence is sethoxydim (Poast). This herbicide only controls grasses and works well. Sethoxydim needs to be applied with a crop oil.

For pre-emergence control there are a couple of products that are labeled for vegetable gardens. Trifluralin (preen would be an example) and DCPA (Dacthal W-75).  These will not control actively growing weeds they only prevent germination of small seeded weeds. There is also a mechanical weed preventer option (landscape cloth). This can be laid down around vegetable plants and will prevent weeds from growing as well. If you don’t won’t to use chemical treatment of weeds this is a very good alternative even if it is more manually intensive.



Remember to read and follow the label before applying any pesticide.  Any name brand mentioned here is not an endorsement by myself or UGA, it is simply an example of the type of product that can be used.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at: 557-6724.