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Upcoming Ag Business Planning Workshop

Tattnall County Extension, in collaboration with the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center and Georgia Southern University are offering an upcoming course called: Ag Business Planning Workshop: A Guide for Farm Entrepreneurs.  This will be a 2 session workshop held on February 11th and 18th at the Glennville Extension…
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Observations on the Effects of Air Flow and Elevation on Pecan Production

UGA pecan specialist Lenny Wells recently updated us on the effect of pecan orchard air flow and elevation on scab control.  See comments below. “One of the most often over-looked factors I see regarding production problems in pecan is a consideration of the site where the orchard was planted. Not long ago, I spoke with a grower who…
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Choosing and Taking Care of Your Christmas Tree

  Live Christmas trees have been brought into homes and decorated during the holiday season for more than 500 years.  Every year, more than 33 million live Christmas trees are used in households across the United States.  Here are a few facts on choosing and caring for a Christmas tree….
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Moldy Hay

UGA forage specialist Dennis Hancock recently updated us on hay issues that have been occurring throughout the state.  Below are some comments from Dennis on moldy hay. “Because of the wet fall, many producers have faced extremely difficult field curing conditions for their hay. Additionally, hay that was bone dry…
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Leyland Cypress in the Landscape

Planting Leyland Cypress as a Screen or Privacy Border Chris Tyson, Tattnall Extension The fall and winter months are a great time to plant trees and shrubs in the yard.  One tree that is often planted as a border, screen, or to create privacy in a landscape is Leyland Cypress. …
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Lawn Burweed Control

During the past year we have received several calls about stickers in home lawns during the Springtime.  The cause of these inconvenient stickers that prevent you from walking barefoot in the yard is a weed commonly called Burweed or Spurweed.  Burweed is a winter annual weed that germinates during the…
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