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Pesticide Disposal Day, June 29 2016

The next pesticide disposal day has been set by the Georgia Department of Ag.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to properly dispose of any old chemicals you have on your farm.  These disposal days have only been offered at 1 or 2 locations in south Georgia over the last…
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Prionus Root Borer in Pecan

Here is some great information about Prionus Root Borers in Pecans from Dr. Lenny Wells.  I know there are some growers who have traps set out in their orchards in Tattnall County for these insects. If you have an old pecan orchard in decline, with limbs that get weaker and…
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Understanding Pecan Irrigation

Understanding Pecan Irrigation Water, particularly where nut quality is concerned, has more of an effect on pecan production than any other factor. Drought stress affects nut size and filling, as well as leaf and shoot growth. Adequate soil moisture is important at bud break in order to stimulate strong, vigorous…
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Primary Nutrient Roles in Plants

There are by some counts 17 nutrients considered to be essential for plant growth and development. In this article I will briefly touch on what are called the primary plant nutrients and their role in plant growth.  The three nutrients considered to be primary nutrients are: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium….
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Nematodes are small microscopic roundworms that inhabit the soil and can have a large effect on the growth and successful production of many crops. Nematodes can cause damage by feeding on the roots of susceptible crops.  Root damage can cause stunted growth and inhibit water and nutrient uptake, which can…
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