Hurricane Michael impacted thousands in southwest Georgia, along with Florida, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Many are still waiting for the power to be restored.  Recovery from any natural disaster takes time. When returning to your home there are an overwhelming number of things to deal with. The purpose of this blog is to provide links to reliable information as you face decisions about how to handle food, family stress, mold, and rebuilding.


If you have returned home, you have probably already dealt with most of the food and water issues. If not contact your local county Extension office for help or check out the links below. In Georgia you can call 1-800-ASK-UGA1 to locate a county office near your home.

Housing & Finances

If you have a mortgage, contact your mortgage servicer once FEMA has declared your area to be a Major Disaster Area. A local HUD approved Housing Counseling Agency can provide counseling and information. Other resources to help you with immediate concerns are listed below.

Removing Mold and Restoring Your Home


Before you move back home you often have to deal with mold and water damage. HUD developed a helpful Healthy Homes Disaster Recovery Toolkit. This 15 page document is a directory of resources, including the Rebuild Healthy Homes App and 41 page guide to post-disaster restoration (HUD). Additional resources and information on removing mold and salvaging furnishings are listed below.


An important and often overlooked part of recovery has to do with your family. We need to pay attention to the impacts and stress on families and relationships in general in times of natural disasters. Below are some helpful resources.

Prepare before the next disaster.

You can’t foresee all the impacts a natural disaster will have on you and your family, but you can lessen the impact by planning ahead. Below are some resources to help you prepare.


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