Still looking for gifts? Here are some gift ideas that focus on keeping individuals and families safe and healthy in their homes. These suggestions encompass the eight principles of a healthy home. Learn more about making your home healthy and safe at

Keep your home safe

  • Slippers with non-skid soles to prevent slips and falls
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Non-slip bathmat or ducks for the bottom of the tub/shower
  • Solar lights to place along the walkway and entrance to the house
  • Motion-activated lights for the hallway and bathroom
  • Coupon offering your services to conduct a safety review of the house. Helpful tools are the UGA Extension Home Safety Checklist or the Childproof your Home Checklist.

Keep your home dry

  • Hygrometer or device to measure humidity. Keep indoor humidity below 60%relative humidity, ideally 30 – 50 percent
  • Coupon offering your services to repair leaky faucets



Keep your home clean

  • Doormat made from recycled materials
  • Shoe caddy to set by the front door
  • Create a green cleaning toolkit and include the UGA green cleaning recipes
  • Coupon offering your services to clean the house

Keep your home contaminant free

  • Radon test kit: Order at
  • Flameless candles
  • Coupon offering your services to dispose of out of date and unused hazardous products in the house and garage.


Keep your home pest-free

  • Sealed containers to store food to reduce pest problems
  • Coupon offering your services to declutter the house



Keep your home ventilated

  • Carbon monoxide alarms with backup battery power
  • Coupon offering your services to replace the air filter




Keep your home maintained

  • Ladder
  • Coupon offering your services to clean gutters, repair downspouts, or remove ivy and debris from walkways


Keep your home green and comfortable

  • Surgeprotector or smart strip
  • Door draft stopper to place along the bottom of the exterior door
  • Programmable timer for lights
  • Coupon offering to pay for an energy audit

For gift tags and cards, use postcards you bought and never got around to sending.

∼∼ Happy holidays! ∼∼

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