It is springtime in Athens, Georgia. When days are soft and sunny folks start to move out-of-doors.  So what are some green outdoor activities that are low cost and low impact, but high on the fun index?

We all want play and live greener without spending our shrinking “greenbacks.”

Walk. One of the healthiest and lowest cost activities is just enjoying a walk with family or friends. My favorite Green Activity is to walk through our local park, my neighborhood, or if you are lucky like me the woods in our backyard. If walking with children try a silent walk where you encourage children to listen for bird calls.  Have them list in a small notebook how many different birds can they hear?  For more ideas check out Sharing Nature with Children.

Start a vegetable garden. Even if you live in an apartment or have a postage stamp yard you can start a container garden.  When a child grows their own vegetables they are more likely to try something new.  Also, don’t forget to check out resources at your County Cooperative Extension office. Your county Extension Agents can provide you information on everything from setting up your compost to planning your garden to preserving what you grow to food safety and nutrition. Here are some resources from the University of Georgia and the National Center for Home Food Preservation on: home gardening and food preservation.  Don’t forget to find out how you can compost yard trimmings.  Georgia Recycles.  To contact your county Extension Office in Georgia call 1-800-ASK-UGA1. In other states go to eXtension Ask an Expert.

Visit the Farmers’ Market.  Check out your local farmers’ market and see if they have suggestions for cooking a new vegetable or try some out locally produced cheese or meats. Find a market near you: USDA National Farmers Market Directory  or Local Harvest.

Plan an in-state-Eco Vacation.  Check out a state or national park or visit a part of the state you haven’t visited before. Think about having a positive impact on the environment.  Participate in a shore or river cleanup project, or perhaps a butterfly count.  If you camp, remember to leave your site better than you found it.  If traveling with a pet always carry a bag and pickup the droppings your pet leaves behind.

We all want to have a good time and an even better time can be had by living greener! Share your spring “greentime-funtime” ideas with us and your friends and family.


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