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The Next Bermudagrass Cultivar

By Dr. Bill Anderson, Research Geneticist, USDA-ARS When I started as perennial forage grass breeder for ARS sixteen years ago, the primary goal was to develop a cold-tolerant seeded bermudagrass since Tifton 85 seemed to satisfy the sprigged market. The battle was to develop a seeded forage that had high biomass…
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Weed control in pastures and hayfields

By Steve Morgan Harris County CEC Weeds can reduce the quantity and the stand life of desirable forage plants in pastures and hayfields. Weeds also impact the aesthetic value of a pasture. Therefore, producers may choose to initiate weed management strategies that reduce the impact of weeds on forage production….
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Successfully sprigging bermudagrass in Georgia

By Erin Forte Churchill Macon County CEC Improved bermudagrass varieties are often accepted as one of the best grazing materials in the Southeast, but the thought of establishing these varieties through sprigging can send even the best cattle producers running for the hills. It doesn’t have to! By following the steps outlined here, you can set…
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