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Keys to successful establishment

Forage establishment can be frustrating but can be successful if you have a plan.  Forage establishment techniques can vary depending upon forage species, location, soil type, pasture situation and intended use. Good establishment techniques are essential to getting good high yielding forage stands. Let’s look at several reasons why producers can successfully establish forages.

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Temporary fencing for pasture management

By Charlotte Meeks Houston County CEA While temporary fencing cannot replace permanent fencing, it has its place in a grazing management system. Temporary fencing can be used to divide permanent pasture for rotational grazing or intensive grazing systems, open areas for temporary grazing or to exclude livestock from an area. While permanent fences are intended…
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Picturing present and potential pasture production

By Roger Gates Whitfield County CEC “Taking stock” is a phrase that means to “think carefully about a situation… so that you can decide what to do.” Historically, the phrase came from a farmer’s practice of counting the number of animals on the farm. Periodic livestock inventories provide important and…
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