• Fertilization significantly impacts your annual yields in hayfields as the previous year’s hay harvest has likely depleted the soil.  A 6-ton per acre hay harvest will remove around 300 lbs Nitrogen, 250 lbs Potash, and 80 lbs Phosphate in a season.  Fertilization makes up about 40% of most producers’ total hay costs so strategic planning […]

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  • Potassium is an essential element in plants and is considered one of the three macronutrients, along with nitrogen and phosphorus. The amount of K is reported in almost all routine soil samples. Unfortunately, with price increases, it has gone from being the least expensive to the most expensive of the three macronutrients. Ignoring the importance […]

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  • Fertilization can be a significant portion of the cost of producing forages. According to UGA production budgets, fertilization can range from 30 to 60% of the total variable cost of producing various forages. So, taking a little time to strategically plan your fertilization program can hopefully save you money in the end. Steps that you […]

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  • By Jeremy Kichler Colquitt County CEC  Winter annual forages can be very expensive to establish and maintain.  Extension budgets estimate that total costs of winter annual forages is around $200 per acre.  Is it possible to reduce forage production costs without decreasing winter annual forage yield? The first step is to soil test and follow those fertility recommendations.  If producers apply […]

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