Cool season annuals

  • The prolonged cold weather during the Christmas holiday has a lot of producers asking, “Are my winter annuals going to regrow?” Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear answer that we can offer to this question. Many cool season forages can handle subfreezing temps for short periods and the degree of damage depends on air temperature, soil […]

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  • Using oats as grazing and/ or baleage can sometimes be challenging however; in most years, oats can one of the healthiest and best options for our livestock. Some (most) years, UGA Extension gets calls concerning oats that are discolored, not growing great, or sometimes even dying. Unfortunately, there isn’t always a great answer for why. […]

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  • By Jeremy Kichler Colquitt County CEC  Winter annual forages can be very expensive to establish and maintain.  Extension budgets estimate that total costs of winter annual forages is around $200 per acre.  Is it possible to reduce forage production costs without decreasing winter annual forage yield? The first step is to soil test and follow those fertility recommendations.  If producers apply […]

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  • By Jeremy Kichler Colquitt County CEC Winter annual crops can make excellent food plots for wildlife. Cool season grasses include wheat, oats, rye, and triticale.   Clovers can be planted in food plots in order to attract insects and produce seed for birds. Soil Sample One of the first things wildlife enthusiasts need to do is […]

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  • By Carole Knight Bulloch County CEA In Georgia, one of our advantages in the cattle industry is the ability to grow and graze forage during the winter months, drastically cutting the need for stored forages and cutting supplemental feed costs. However, to get the most potential out of winter annuals it takes the right management […]

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  • By Will Lovett Bacon County CEC  Its fall again! That means it is time for planting winter forages. Proper Drill adjustment and maintenance is critical for successful stand establishment.   We will discuss a step by step approach to clean and prepare your drill for use. Seed Cups and Drop tubes In my experience, seed cups […]

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