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Bermudagrass Stem Maggot in GA Hayfields

Will Hudson, Lisa Baxter and Dennis Hancock We’ve had a number of calls from growers and agents in the last week or so concerned that they should be spraying for BSM.  Even in south GA, the flies are just now starting to show up.  You may be able to find…
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Ask the Expert: Feeding Baleage to Horses

  Authors: Krishona Martinson, PhD, University of Minnesota and Dennis Hancock, PhD, University of Georgia. Photo Credit: Aubrey Jaqueth, PhD, University of Minnesota Question: Since baleage is becoming more readily available, I’m wondering what your thoughts are on feeding it to horses? Should horses be vaccinated against botulism if feeding baleage? Is…
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Choosing Alternative Feedstuffs – For Horses

From the January 2019 Issue of the University of Minnesota Extension – Horse Newsletter….


By: Marcia Hathaway, PhD, University of Minnesota

Horse owners may be exploring alternative feedstuffs due to high hay costs, poor quality hay, and/or challenges associated with finding sufficient quantities of hay. When possible, quality hay should make up a large portion of a horse’s diet. However, the following alternatives can replace hay, in partial or in whole, when needed. Always consider the pros and cons when selecting an appropriate alternative feedstuff, and before feeding, consult your an equine nutritionist and/or veterinarian.

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Thankful for Great Mentors

In this season of thankfulness, I am most grateful for my God, my family, and my country. Most of us are. Still, I would like to pay special homage to some great mentors that I have had. I have been blessed with many, many mentors. So many have been influential…
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Winter Annual Seed Costs: What is the Best Deal?

by Adam Speir and Dennis Hancock Humans are creatures of habit, and farmers are no different.  We tend to make purchase decisions by looking at the immediate ticket price without considering long term costs. When considering winter annual seed costs, consider not only upfront seed costs, but also the overall…
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Addressing a Common Question Regarding Bermudagrass Stem Maggots

I received an email (see note below) earlier this week that had a common question about bermudagrass stem maggots. His question is below, along with my comments in bold. Some parts of the question have been altered to ensure anonymity. “I have (several) acres of Russell (bermudagrass) in (a county…
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What would you do?

What would you do if you found out that there was a toxin in your pastures that caused your cows to spend about 20% less time grazing, drink 25% more water, lose up to 2 points of body condition, and produce about 25% less milk for their calves? What would…
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