It’s June 11th and the insect pest calls are rolling in and while it’s a little early this year, we are getting calls concerning the two major insect pests of bermudagrass hayfields: bermudagrass stem maggot (BSM) and fall armyworm (FAW). The most important aspect of managing any insect pest in any crop is knowing the economic thresholds and scouting your fields. Below you will find some great resources in reference to FAW and BSM in Georgia. These resources include scouting recommendations, general information, and management options for both stem maggots and armyworms in Georgia’s hayfields. If you need additional resources or help identifying the pests in your hayfield, contact your county extension agent. Click Here to find the agent for your county.

Scouting for Stem Maggot:

Management of Stem Maggot: Click Here

Caterpillar Pests in Pastures and Hayfields: Click Here

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