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Grazing Summer Annuals

While bermudagrass and bahiagrass are great warm season perennials, warm season annual grasses work well in a forage system to offer high quality forage throughout the summer months. There are several warm season annuals on the market with sorghum x sudangrass and pearl millet being the most popular. In this…
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Crabgrass: friend or foe?

By Jeremy Kichler Colquitt County CEC I have had forage producers love or hate crabgrass over the years. If you are a hay producer, crabgrass can provide us with some production challenges such as slower drying time compared to other summer forages. If you are in need of some summer…
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Comparing summer annual forages

By Jeremy Kichler Colquitt County CEC Summer annual forages can provide high yields of good quality forage during late spring and summer for both beef and dairy producers. Most of the warm season annual grasses emerge and establish quickly and are very drought tolerant. They can be used for grazing,…
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