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Tomato Troubles

Many gardeners are trying their hand at growing tomatoes this season and many of them have some nice tomatoes that will be ready soon. “What’s wrong with my tomatoes?” is a common question that comes across my desk throughout the summer months. Truth be told, tomato problems may be caused…
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Controlling weedy vines in the home landscape

Do you have an evil force in your yard that grows more powerful from the warmth of each passing day? English ivy (Hedera helix), Japanese climbing fern (Lygodium japonicum), kudzu (Pueraria montana), Chinese wisteria (Wisteria sinensis), and oriental bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus) are all nonnative, invasive vines of concern in our…
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North Georgia Master Gardener Spring Plant Sale

Each year the North Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteers coordinate a Plant Sale, of which all profits are used to provide college scholarships for Fannin and Copper Basin High School students pursuing higher education in an agriculture-related field. After much work and collaborative planning, the North Georgia Master Gardeners and…
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Luring Hummingbirds to Your Home Landscape

Hummingbird feeder

With warmer weather finding its way into North Georgia, it is time to roll out the welcome mat for one of Georgia’s most loved pollinators – the hummingbird. Anyone who has witnessed these fantastic creatures in action are well aware of how they got their name. While the hummingbird may…
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Check for Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Now

Hemlock Branch

Yesterday while walking with my faithful companions Susie Q and Maggie Mae, I was admiring the signs that spring has sprung. Cast an eye into the woods and you’ll see a horde of ferns pushing their way through the leaf litter, dogwoods decorate the wood line, gracing us with their…
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To burn or not to burn

Fire Image

Smokey Bear may disagree with me, but I’d like to argue that fire is one of the most effective tools we have in preventing and managing the intensity and spread of unwanted wildfires. But, I realize that the idea of fighting fire with fire may sound counterintuitive, so let me…
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Celebrating Georgia’s Native Grape


Spring is a time of rebirth.  The landscape is beginning to burst into bloom and pollen season is in full force.  My favorite pollinator, the southeastern blueberry bee is tirelessly working the blueberry blooms while the European honey bee dutifully hums to and fro whatever forage she can find. On…
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Azalea Care

Azalea Lace Bug

Azaleas have been a southern favorite for years. In the Old South azaleas graced plantation houses with their charm, provided flowers for corsages, and were the backbone of many landscape plantings.  The taller Indica azaleas worked well to hide the less attractive foundations of homes.  The plants grew so large…
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Use Manure Safely in Vegetable Garden

With the warm weather spell we’ve recently had, I’ve been getting quite a few calls from clients looking to gear up for their vegetable gardens for spring. Of those calls, a large number of folks asked me about using animal manure in their vegetable gardens. Animal manures can be a…
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