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Vegetable Disease and Insect Updates

I’m hearing of some bad outbreaks of Anthracnose fruit rot on pepper this week. This anthracnose attacks the fruit only and can infect all types of pepper (ie bell, jalapeno, banana, etc.). Below are a few pictures to illustrate symptoms caused by this disease. Unfortunately the only labeled fungicides to…
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2013 Forage Budgets

The Fall 2013 Forage Budgets have been posted.  They are available in printed and electronic form.  Links to the different formats are given below. For the Excel budgets you may have to scroll down some to find them. Even though the Excel budgets state they are for Rye, users can substitute other…
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Oxygen Depletion and Pond “Turnover”

In the recent weeks I have received numerous calls about fish dying in ponds. This sudden and seemingly inexplicable event usually leads people to suspect some sort of contaminant (ie chemical). However, this is very rarely the case. Most sudden fish kills from June to October are the result of…
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September Trivia Answer

Well, I see nobody took a shot at answering the September trivia question. That’s okay but please don’t be shy! Wild guesses are encouraged- if for nothing more than entertainment value. The fuzzy orange things on the oak leaves are actually galls created by very tiny wasps (pictured below) in the family Cynipidae. Don’t worry,…
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Cotton Defoliation Recommendations

I some of you have already begun to defoliate cotton or are getting close. If you need any advise/help, give me a call. You can always check out our  defoliation recommendations in the 2013 UGA Pest Management Handbook. Click here and scroll down to page 195.
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Top Ten Reasons for Forage Stand Loss

I came across this two-part video series created by our UGA Extension Forage Specialist, Dr. Dennis Hancock, on the most common causes for stand loss. They are great videos with very useful information in them, especially given the tough year we had for bermudagrass. Take a look, and call me…
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Waterfern Control for Ponds

I respond to all sorts of pond weed calls each week. Several of these calls have been the result of an unusual looking weed called Waterfern (Salvinia minima). Not to be confused with its larger cousin, Giant Salvinia (Salvinia molesta), who is actually on the federal noxious weed list. Waterfern is a floating fern that…
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Assessing Cabbage Varieties

This week I planted a cabbage variety trial in Colquitt County with our new UGA extension vegetable horticulturalist, Dr. Tim Coolong (pictured below). Dr. Coolong comes to us from the University of  Kentucky where he held the same job title. I have gotten the chance to work with Dr. Coolong…
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