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Jeremy Kichler

  • Below are some thoughts from Lenny Wells, UGA Pecan Specialist, on fungicide programs in pecan. The following 8-spray fungicide schedule is provided as an example of one option to use for pecan scab management in light of the emerging scab insensitivity issues surrounding some of our fungicides. Since Tin is such an integral part of our fungicide arsenal for…

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  • P, K, Zn Fertilization of Young Pecan Trees

    Lenny Wells, UGA Pecan Horticulturalist, discusses some great points about fertilization of young pecan trees.  Below are his thoughts on this subject. Most soils on which new pecan orchards are established here in Georgia are old row crop fields or cleared pine land. In the case of row crop fields, soil levels of P and…

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  • 2015 UGA Cotton Budgets

    Don Shurley, UGA Cotton Economist, has posted the new update 2015 cotton production budgets.  These budgets include irrigated and dry land production that utilize a conventional or strip till production system.  If you have any questions about the budgets contact your local county agent. 2015-CONV-IR 2015-CONV-NI 2015-ST-IR 2015-ST-NI

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  • Peanut Update — 3-2-15

    Peanuts: Below are some questions that I have been getting about peanut production. Warrant Label Change!! Eric Prostko, UGA Weed Scientist, has an update on a new supplemental label for Warrant for peanuts. 1) Preplant soil incorporated (PPI) applications together with Prowl, Sonalan, or Strongarm are not recommended due to the increased risk for crop…

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  • Peanut Disease and Nematode Update!!

    Below are a few words from Bob Kemerait, UGA Peanut Pathologist, on some new things coming out in peanut disease and nematode management.    He will go over this in detail at the Row Crop Disease Meeting coming up on Colquitt County Row Crop Disease Meeting, Feb 18 at 6 pm.   1. The 2015 Peanut…

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  • SE Hay Contest Makes Major Changes

    The Southeastern Hay Contest continues to evolve. This year, it is undergoing a massive change!!! Since 2004, the Southeastern Hay Contest has been spotlighting high quality hay and forage production in the Southeast. The SE Hay Contest is run in conjunction with the Sunbelt Ag Expo and our winners are announced each year on the…

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  • Current Wheat Situation — February 2015

    I have been getting a few questions about wheat production over the last few days. The first set of questions concern weed control.  Area growers need to determine growth stage of their wheat crop in order to select herbicide options.  Below is a figure that shows wheat growth stages and herbicide timing based on wheat growth stages.  Currently, (second…

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  • 2015 UGA Pecan School

    The UGA Pecan School will be held on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center from 8:00 am-noon. This activity was formerly known as Pecan “Scout” School and is held every other year. The goal of this gathering is to cover the basics of pecan production. Topics covered will be pecan cultivars, …

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  • Aphids and Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus

    I have been getting a few calls from Colquitt County growers about aphids in small grain forages. Below are a few comments from Dr. Dennis Hancock on the current forage insect situation. For those with planted small grains (especially oats), I just wanted to give you a heads up. We have had numerous reports of oats and…

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  • Presidio Labeled in Tobacco

    Tobacco Producers, Below is a label for Presidio for use in tobacco.  If you are interested in more info then attend the Area Tobacco Meeting on February 19th, starting at 10 am.  This production meeting will be held at the Colquitt County Extension office. Presidio Tobacco Label – Except CA NY      

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