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Jeremy Kichler

  • Colquitt County Cooperative Extension Sign!!

    You would be surprised about how many times people will call the Extension office in Moultrie, Georgia and ask for directions to the office.  So getting to the office can be confusing at times especially if you are not familiar to the area. This sign was constructed and put up with the help of the Colquitt County…

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  • 2014 UGA Cotton and Peanut Research Field Day

    Below is information about the 2014 UGA Cotton and Peanut Research Field Day sponsored by the Georgia Cotton and Peanut Commission. 2014 UGA Cotton and Peanut Research Field Day September 10th, 2014 Sponsored by: The Georgia Cotton Commission The Georgia Peanut Commission   8:30-8:55 a.m.             Arrival at Gibbs Farm (226 William Gibbs Rd, Tifton)…

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  • New Aphid Pest Found In Georgia!!

    I was recently in a sorghum field with Amber Arrington, Colquitt County Ag Agent, around Moultrie, GA and found some populations of the white sugar cane aphid.  Below are a couple of pictures of what we are seeing. David Buntin, Grain Crop Entomologist with the University of Georgia has given us an update on the current…

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  • What is wrong with my bermudagrass hay field?

    I have been receiving calls from concerned hay producers in Colquitt County. We are seeing bermudagrass fields dying off or having a brown or bronze appearance. Bermuda grass leaf rust has been observed in these fields.  We have observed symptoms such as those shown in the pictures below: The causal fungus of leaf rust, Puccinia…

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  • It is that time of year again to select your winter annual forage varieties.  Below is the recommended list from the UGA Cooperative Extension.  If you have any questions about these recommendations call or come by the office.

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  • The Georgia 2013-2014 Small Grain Performance Tests data (Annual Publication 100-6) is now available on the UGA Statewide Variety Testing website: www.swvt.uga.edu

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  • Update on Stored Grain Protectants:

      Corn harvest is getting into full swing and we are getting questions on grain protectants. Here is a quick update from Michael Toews, UGA Entomologist :   Grain protectants, insecticides labeled for application to raw grain, are intended to prevent stored grain insect infestations as opposed to treating existing infestations. These products should not…

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  • Colquitt County Extension Ag Update 8-12-14

      Row Crop Disease Update Below are a few comments from Bob Kemerait on the current disease situation. Reasons for increased attention to disease management issues for our row-crop growers:  Weather patterns. It has been hot and very dry for most our row-crop producers thus far in the growing season. While warm temperatures do increase…

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  • How Do I Irrigate My Soybeans!!

    There are a few soybeans around Colquitt County, and I have been getting questions on this subject.  Irrigation is expensive and requires careful management to be economically feasible for soybeans. This can usually be accomplished when (1) soybean market prices are good, (2) irrigation overhead costs can be shared with a winter-spring crop and (3) when…

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  • Water Requirements for Peanuts in August

      No one has to tell Colquitt County peanut producers about how dry it is.  As area peanuts are reaching peak water use, depending on planting date, growers need to know how much water to apply or conserve water if they limited amounts.  Below are a few comments from the UGA Peanut folks on the current…

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